The Tag League Association exists to facilitate recreational sports activity for the enjoyment of its members. Players acknowledge that there is a real possibility of incurring injury when playing Tag League. The most common injuries are ankle and knee injuries, broken bones, but may include any form of injury, including in rare cases, death. Participants acknowledge this and assume all risk in relation to participation in Tag League games and related activities.

The Tag League Association recommends that participants review their own situation and make a personal assessment wrt their requirements for Private Medical Coverage to Supplement the Medicare subsidy, plus Loss of Income Insurance.

Notwithstanding the above, one of the Associations objects is to act in the interests of its members. Our Association prides itself on its member support, especially for those who are experiencing difficulty. With that in mind, the Association has created a support program which allows for a discretionary payment of up to $500 to members who suffer an injury while participating in an official Tag League event.

Governing Principles

The entitlements under this program are intended to be allocated to those people who suffer a serious injury and who are experiencing financial hardship as a result. It is not intended to support a person’s discretionary desires such as physio or massage for a rolled ankle (for example).

Members are expected to take advantage of principal funding options including fully utilising Medicare and Private Health Insurance entitlements, prior to applying for assistance under this policy.

The board is able to take into account any issue or factors in making its decisions. Without limitation this includes the nature and extent of the injury, the member’s financial position generally, the availability of alternate funding, the circumstances in which the injury arose, the length of time the member has been a member, the contribution the member has made to the club and any other issue at the board’s absolute discretion. No one issue is determinate of the success, or otherwise, of the application.  

Compliance with the formal claims process implemented by the Board is required. Applications will only be considered if the required process has been undertaken by the members and all documentation requested has been provided in full. Applications must be in writing.

It is anticipated that successful claims will usually take the form of reimbursement of paid treatment or expenses. It is understood that under no circumstances will a payment made under this Regulation amount to an admission of liability. All payments are made on a discretionary and ‘ex gratia’ basis.

It is also agreed that this Regulation does not promise or create any entitlement on behalf of a member in relation to payment. The Board has complete discretion to pay or not pay any amounts under this Regulation and the Board’s decision is final and binding on the member.

Should you have suffered a serious injury whilst particupating in an official Tag League Competition / Event and have suffered financial hardship as a result, you can seek support by sending us an email with a brief outline of your situation;