Registration Process 
  1. To enter a team in the Tag League 2015 Sydney Championships, you need to complete a Team Competition Entry Form that can be DOWNLOADED HERE. Details of all team members need to be included. You need a minimum of 12 team members before you can enter for the competition. Additional team members can be added at a later date, we recommend a minimum of 16 players for this event so you have subs and replacements if people are injured, unwell or unable to attend.
  2. To enter as an individual, you will need to fill out an Individual Competition Entry Form. Groups of Individuals who wish to play but do not have enough people to form a team can also use this form and we will endeavour to place you in the same team, or find additional people to make up numbers to form a team. The Individual Competition Entry Form can be DOWNLOADED HERE.
  3. The competition entry form registration form needs to be submitted to the Tag League Association along with payment, or as a minimum a deposit of $200 for teams. This can be done via email, fax, post or in person at registration nights.
  4. Payment can be made via Credit Card & Direct Deposit, or on registration nights in Cash as well as Credit Card & EFTPOS. A credit card payment authority form can be DOWNLOADED HERE. Direct Deposits can be made to the following account;
    • Account Name: Tag League Association Incorporated
    • Bank: Westpac
    • Branch: St Marys NSW
    • Branch Number (BSB): 032273
    • Account Number: 357693
    • Please use Team names or Individual names as a reference so we can track payments.
  5. The balance of any outstanding fee's are due prior taking the field for the first round of the competition, and all Shorts and Tights must be paid for on collection.
  6. Registrations close on Friday 20th March 2015.
  7. Once registrations close, a competition draw for each Division will be completed and published under the "Competition Draw" tab on the Senior Championships page of this web site. Delegates and individuals who supply an email address will have this information mailed to them. It is the responsibility of Team Delegates and all Individuals to ensure they know when their games are played.
  8. Results from games and a points table will also be published under the "Competition Results" & "Competition Table" tabs on the Senior Championships page of this web site.

If you have any questions related to the 2015 Tag League Senior Championships, please send an email to: