Tag League is a Fun, Healthy, Social activity that is growing in popularity. In a short period, thousands of people across Sydney have registered to play, with demand growing for new competitions in under serviced areas. The Tag League Association welcomes inquiries from persons interested in conducting competitions in their local area and can offer assistance to suitable candidates in the following ways;
  • Assistance with the structure of a good, financially viable competition that people will want to participate in
  • License to use the Tag League Name, Logo, Rules and other Intellectual Property of the Tag League Association
  • Assisting with Insurance coverage, including: Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident
  • Access to an easy to manage web site, set up specifically for your area, along with your own email accounts
  • Providing training on how to run a successful competition based on real life experience
  • Assistance with selection and booking of a suitable venue to play at
  • Providing access to Shorts, Tags and other branded merchandise
  • Providing access to experienced Referees and assistance with recruitment and training of new Referees
  • Assistance with the recruitment and training of Competition Supervisors
  • Assistance with promotion of your new competition to get teams registered
  • Assistance with Competition Draws and Results management systems
  • Be part of a well managed and motivated team that's focused on the success of your competition
  • Have access to Junior Development Programs
  • Participate in Junior and Senior Representative Competitions

Interested parties understand that they hold a strong responsibility to their local community to deliver a quality competition, but will also gain respect in that community from doing so.

If you are interested in having a conversation about how you can bring Tag League to your local community, please send an email to: Manager@TagLeague.com.au