Player Eligibility 
  • All participants in Junior Competitions must be at less than 16 years of age in the calendar year of the competition. 
  • All participants must be a registered & paid up team member of the Local Tag League Competition.
  • Local Competition Registration provides limited Personal Injury Insurance coverage.
  • For local competitions, each team must have a minimum of 10 fully paid players to be eligible to compete, 12 or more is recommended.
  • Team sheets must be completed in full by each participant at time of registration.
  • Participants may be requested to show certified birth certificates to verify their age.
  • Participants who are of a disproportional physical size compared to their age / age group may be asked to play in an age group more comparable to their own.
  • All participants must register / sign on prior to taking the field for each game.
  • Teams cannot use unregistered players otherwise known as "Ring In's" to play in their team for any reason.
  • We encourage teams play all their games, but there are occasions where a team may be short of players due to unforseen circumstances. To avoid a forfeit which would cause both teams to miss a round, we allow the use of “Fill In” players on a limited basis.
  • A team short of players ie. less than 8 in any given week of the competition, can use a registered player from another team in the competition to "Fill In". A maximum of 3 "Fill In's" can be used in any game, & they cannot be used as reserves for substitution during a game. A match point penalty is applied for each “Fill In” that takes the field for a team.
  • “Fill In” Players must be from the same age division.
  • Teams need to advise the competition convenor or supervisor that they propose to use a "Fill In" & the opposing team captain should also be advised as a matter of courtesy. 
  • Any player used as a "Fill In" must register / sign on for that team for that game.
  • A team cannot consistently use "Fill In's" ie. more than 3 games in a season.
  • A Fill In is not entitled to participate in any prize should the team they Filled In for win a prize.
  • Teams who use “Fill In’s” for substitution will be deemed to have forfeited that game, with NO match or competition points awarded to them.
  • Teams found to be using a Ring In will forfeit any match points for that Round with winning competition points awarded to the opposing team.
  • Teams who are in breach of guidelines on more than 1 occasion will be suspended for 1 or more games, with teams who are found to be repeat offenders being suspended or disqualified from the competition.
  • “Fill In’s” CANNOT be used in Finals Series Games under ANY circumstances.
Medical Conditions
  • The safety of participants is paramount. Pre-existing medical conditions need not be an impediment to playing, but must be reported at time of registration or when the participant becomes aware of such condition. For people with pre-existing conditions, a form needs to be completed with questions answered that allow the determination of whether someone is fit to play. Personal Accident insurance coverage may also be waived.
  • Female participants who are pregnant can play if they so choose in their first trimester & depending on their circumstance into their second trimester. The decision to play is a personal choice & participants who are pregnant should consult their physician as to whether they should play.
  • Whilst Tag League is a low contact non-tackling sport, participants understand that playing any sport can result in injuries. Whilst every precaution is taken in the administration of games to prevent injury, circumstances can occur where injuries are sustained. These include but are not limited to heat stroke, bruising, muscle sprains & tears, joint dislocations, broken bones, concussion & in rare cases death. Participants can reduce the risk of injury by the use of protective equipment.
Personal Injury Protection
  • Tag League is a non-tackling sport. However, injuries do occur from time to time. The following will assist in the prevention of injury;
    • Mouthguards – Mouthguards help prevent tooth damage or loss, reduce cuts to the lip, mouth & tongue & decrease susceptibility to jaw fractures & risk of concussion.
    • Bracing/Strapping - Preventative taping has been found to:
      • Reduce severity of injury to ligaments
      • Lower recurrence of injury by as much as 75%
      • Give the most support while limiting backward bending
  • Supporting garments such as “Skins” are considered useful, as they can provide support & reduce risk of abrasion.
  • Players are not permitted to take the field in a metal brace, casts or using any supporting appliance that may cause another player injury.
  • Warm Up/Stretch & Warm Down. Cold muscles, tendons & ligaments are more vulnerable to injury. Stretching improves flexibility, which allows you to move your joints through their full range of motion.
  • Official Tag League shorts or tights must be worn, some alternative Tag Sports Shorts may be worn. Please check with the competition supervisor if yours are suitable. Home made shorts or official shorts that have been modified in any way are not permitted. If someone is injured playing in non-official shorts or modified shorts, insurance cover is waived.
  • No screw in studded footwear can be worn, nor can any metal studded boots. Boots with plastic moulded studs, Blades or Runners are required. You cannot play bare footed.
  • Team shirts must be worn from at latest round 3, of uniform colour, & must be of a length that can be tucked into shorts or tights. Teams beyond week 3 who have members without compliant shirts may take the field but will incur a match point penalty for each member not in compliance.
  • Players may NOT share / swap shirts with another player/s during a game.
  • An official Tag League match ball & tags will be provided for the use of players in their game, but remains the property of the association & must be left on the field following their game.
  • Practice balls & tags can be loaned for the purposes of warm up by teams. A deposit or surety may be required & given back when equipment is returned.
  • All participants in each team must each pay a fee to register for the competition. Fee’s assist in covering the cost of running the competition which includes the cost of Administration, Staff & Referee’s, Insurances, Ground Hire, Line Marking, Equipment, Prizes & also helps subsidise Representative Teams from local competitions in tournaments.
  •  Each team must have a minimum of 10 fully paid players to be eligible to compete.
  • Fees vary by competition area & are set based on the relative costs of the competition which are influenced by length of season, field hire charges & other factors.
  • All Fee’s are payable prior to the start of the competition, must be paid prior to taking the field for Round 1 by all participants.
  • People who play or attempt to play without paying in full are considered not registered & are not covered for injury insurance. Teams who field players who have not fully paid will face penalties ranging from loss of competition points, suspension from or disqualification from the competition.
  • When registering, teams & individuals must pay in full or leave a deposit to confirm their registration.
  • Refunds are only available in the following circumstances;
    • Withdrawal prior Competition Draw developed – 100%
    • Withdrawal prior Competition Start once draw developed – 80%
    • Withdrawal once the Competition Starts – No Refund
    • Withdrawal due to Injury – No Refund
    • Suspension or Disqualification from Competition – No Refund
    • Compassionate Grounds – will vary by circumstance
  • It is the policy of The Tag League Association that all scheduled games are to be played in full. If any games are not played throughout the season for any reason, registered & paid up players will be offered a pro-rata credit against future registrations, or refunded on a pro-rata basis. Forfeits are considered played games & are non-refundable.
  • If wet weather is experienced, the Local Council generally will determine if grounds are open for use or not. This can at times extend for a period following wet weather to allow time for grounds to dry for the purpose of avoiding damage.
  • In the event that grounds are closed, an update will be posted on the competition Facebook Group page, as well as on the home page of the competition web site as early as possible on the day their games are scheduled, earlier if a major weather system is active.
  • It is the policy of the Tag League Association that all rounds of a competition should be played in full.
  • Provision for a number of wet weather replay rounds will be scheduled every season, 3 or 4 for a 14 week season can be used as a guide. Where additional access to fields during a season is possible, all wet weather affected rounds will be rescheduled, or as many as can be accommodated.
  • If foul weather is experienced during play, it will at the discretion of the competition supervisor to continue, suspend or abandon play. As a general rule, play will continue in Drizzle Rain, but if rain is heavy & standing water is apparent on the fields, play will be abandoned. In the event of stormy conditions such as high wind or lightning, play will be suspended until conditions ease, with any incomplete games concluded where possible. Any unplayed games will be rescheduled.
  • Where play is abandoned, games that have played a full first half will be considered complete, with the half time score being recorded for that round. Games abandoned before half time will be rescheduled.
  • If any games cannot be rescheduled throughout the season, registered & paid up players will be offered a pro-rata credit against future registrations, or refunded on a pro-rata basis.
Sign On
  • It is a condition of entry to the competition that ALL players must be registered, fully paid up & MUST register / sign on prior to taking the field. This is a requirement for insurance coverage.
  • Players may be requested to show some form of ID to establish their identity.
  • Players must only sign on for themselves, not for anyone else.
  • Players cannot sign on using someone else’s name. If they are 'Filling In" for a team, they need to write their own name on a separate line on the separate sign on sheet provided, then register / sign on for the week that they are playing.
  • Players who do not register / sign on, are injured, & attempt to claim on insurance, WILL HAVE THEIR CLAIM DENIED.
  • Anyone found to be playing for a team without sign on may cause that team to face a match point penalty, competition points penalty, suspension or disqualification if they are found to be ineligible to play.
Game Start
  • Teams are to collect their tags & be ready for play before the scheduled start time.
  • All games should start at their scheduled time. This will be brought to the teams attention by the sounding of the referee’s whistle.
  • Timing of games is usually by the sounding of a horn, but players must play to the referee’s whistle.
  • Teams may start short of players if they have registered players who are running late. A team must have a minimum of 5 players of their own on the field for them to be eligible to play, 1 of which must be female for Mixed competitions.
  • Teams may use Fill Ins if they are short players, refer to player eligibility rules.
  • Teams arriving late can take the field without signing on, but MUST sign on at the half time break or will be penalised a match point for each person not signed on.
  • Teams who are late to arrive will be given 3 minutes grace. At the 4th minute a one point penalty will be awarded against the late team. A further point will be awarded every two minutes up to the tenth minute (4 point penalty).
  • The game will be called a forfeit at the tenth minute, with a 5-0 score line recorded & no competition points awarded against the forfeiting team.
  • If the game starts late, the first half will be shortened by that amount of time.
  • Teams who know they will run late or are running late should contact the local competition supervisor & advise them of the circumstances.
  • Teams who know they will not be able to participate on any given night should call the local competition supervisor & advise them that the team will forfeit. This should be done by 2pm on the scheduled day of play. This is a sign of courtesy to the local competition & the opposing team. Teams who do so will receive 1 match point & 1 competition point.
  • Teams who forfeit without notice will receive a Forfeit Penalty which means they get Zero Competition & Match Points.
 Team Conduct & Responsibilities
  • Participants are to play with a spirit of Fun & Fair Play at all times.
  • No player is to take the field under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Referee's or supervisors will instruct players suspected of being intoxicated to leave, exercising their duty of care in the process.
  • No jewellery is to be worn, including but not limited to neck laces, watches or bracelets, piercing rings or studs & rings (other than simple bands). Security of items that need to be removed is the responsibility of the player. Items that cannot be removed will need to be taped for the protection of participants.
  • Players should trim finger nails to not extend beyond the length of the finger. This is for the protection of the player from injury as well as the other participants from scratching.
  • Participants should familiarise themselves with the rules & play in accordance with rules.
  • Participants must conduct themselves in a civil manner, & not engage in anti-social behaviour such as intimidating behaviour, sledging, swearing, spitting, fighting.
  • Participants are reminded that Australian law specifically prohibits behaviours such as;
Bullying, which is unwelcome & offensive behaviour that intimidates, humiliates &/or undermines a person or group. Bullying involves a persistent pattern of behaviour over a period of time & may include verbal abuse, physical assault, unjustified criticism, sarcasm, insult, spreading false or malicious rumours about someone, isolating or ignoring a person, & sabotaging someone's efforts or their ability to contribute.
Discrimination, which is treating someone unfairly or unequally simply because they belong to a group or category of people. Equal opportunity laws prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibility, family status, race, religious beliefs, political conviction, gender history, impairment, age or sexual orientation.
Harassment, which is any unwelcome & uninvited comment or action that results in a person being intimidated, offended, humiliated or embarrassed. Equal opportunity laws prohibit harassment on the grounds of sex & race.
Racial Harassment, whichoccurs when a person is threatened, abused, insulted or taunted in relation to their race, descent or nationality, colour, language or ethnic origin, or a racial characteristic. It may include derogatory remarks, innuendo & slur, intolerance, mimicry or mockery, displays of material prejudicial to a particular race, racial jokes, or singling someone out for unfair treatment.
Sexual Harassment, which is any verbal or physical sexual conduct that is unwelcome & uninvited. It may include kissing, embracing, patting, pinching, touching, leering or gestures, questions about a person's private or sexual life, requests for sexual favours, smutty jokes, phone calls, emails, or messages, offensive noises or displays of sexually graphic or suggestive material.
Assault, which is a person who strikes, touches, or moves, or otherwise applies force of any kind to another person, either directly or indirectly, without the other person's consent, or with the other person's consent if the consent is obtained by fraud, or who by any bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply similar force under such circumstances that the person making the attempt or threat has actually or apparently a present ability to effect the threat, is said to assault that other person.
  • Coaches, supporters & participants who attend a game but are off field must conduct themselves in an equally civil manner or will be asked to leave. The referee can stop a game & / or sanction a team based on the behaviour of team members & supporters off field.
  • All participants, supporters & coaches should show respect to the supervisors & referee's who are there for the sole purpose of facilitating games for the benefit participants.
  • Supervisors & Referee’s will show respect & care for all participants & spectators.
  • All coaches, supporters & participants must follow the direction of supervisors & referee's.
  • The Referee can issue penalties on field in accordance with rules & with the conduct of players. Players may be asked to leave the field for a period of time nominated by the Referee, known commonly as the Sin Bin, allowing the offending player time to cool off. If the offence warrants further action, the player may be Sent Off. In both cases a replacement cannot take the field & the team must continue short that player for either the period of time the player is in the Sin Bin or for the balance of the match if Sent Off.
  • All players Sent Off face an automatic 1 week suspension & the incident will be placed on review by the convenor with an incident report completed by the Referee. If the offence is found to warrant further action, the player may face additional penalties including but not limited to further suspension & disqualification.
  • Individuals will be advised of any disciplinary action via their team delegate & must comply or the team will face disqualification from the competition.
  • Players will not be victimised by the convenor as a result of disciplinary action. Once a penalty has been served the matter will be deemed concluded with no further consequences.
  • A record of a person or teams behaviours will be kept & will be referenced in the event of any further incident. Repeat offenders can expect higher penalties.
  • Penalties can be awarded against players & teams for their behaviour on & off the field. This includes the behaviour of relatives, supporters & coaches who accompany teams. This can be in the form of match points, competition points, suspension for a period, or disqualification from the competition.
  • Individuals or teams who are disqualified are not eligible for refund of any fees paid.
  • Teams who are disqualified forfeit all opportunity to any potential prizes.
  • The convenor of the local competition is the arbitrator in penalty decisions. Individuals & teams can request a review by the Tag League Association if they feel they have been unfairly treated. The Tag League Association charges a $200 fee to review a penalty. This fee is refundable should the review find in favour of the complainant.
  • In an attempt to bring some uniformity to decisions, the following benchmarks can be used, but may be varied up or down based on the nature of specific incidents & the attitude of teams or individuals;
    • Send Off for foul play – Automatic 1 week plus further review based on referee’s report. Additional week for each repeat offence.
    • Send Off for Referee Abuse – Automatic 2 week plus further review based on referee’s report. Additional week for each repeat offence.
    • Throwing of a punch either instigated or in retaliation - Automatic 4 weeks plus further review based on the referee or officials report. Automatic disqualification for repeat offenders.
    • Threat to a Referee or Official – Automatic 4 weeks plus further review based on the referee or officials report. Automatic disqualification for repeat offenders.
    • Any team which incurs 3 send offs in a season will automatically incur a penalty of 2 Competition points in addition to any penalties or suspensions issues. The teams participation in the competition may also be terminated depending on circumstances. Any additional send offs are also grounds for disqualification from the competition.
    • If a game is called off due to an incident, the team who is judged to have caused the incident may be deemed to have forfeit or may be imposed a match penalty depending on the circumstances.
 Report All Injuries
  • If a player sustains an injury, this must be brought to the attention of the match referee & reported to the local competition supervisor.
  • The local competition supervisor will complete an incident report.
  • To be eligible for insurance coverage, a player MUST;
    • Be a registered & fully paid up member of a team in the local competition
    • Their details must be completed on the team registration form
    • They must have signed on for the night the injury occurred
  • Failure to meet all of the above conditions may result in the player not being covered by the Tag League Association insurance policy.
Addition or Replacement of Players
  • Teams have until Round 5 of the competition to complete their team registrations. During this time they can Add, Remove, Swap players.
  • Additional players who register during the first 5 weeks will pay the full registration fee for the season. Players being swapped will pay no additional fee. Players being removed are not necessarily entitled to a refund.
  • Where a player has not played at all & the team has 10 registered & paid up players, a refund may be payable.
  • Where a player is withdrawn through injury, the injured player is not entitled to a refund. Their payment is required for insurance coverage purposes.
  • If a player is withdrawn through injury during the season, that player may be replaced by the addition of a player.
  • A medical certificate needs to be produced as evidence of the injury.
  • During the first 5 rounds, a full registration fee will apply to the replacement player.
  • During Rounds 5-10, a registration fee of 60% of the standard registration fee applies.
  • After Round 10, no replacements will be allowed.
  • Most Junior competitions have prizes for both winners & runners up in each division;
    • Winning teams receive Trophies
    • Teams running up receive Medallions
  • Check the Competition Information for each competition for details of Prizes.
  • Prizes are usually presented at a catered end of season grand finals function following the grand final games for each location / game night.
 If you have any questions related to Local Senior Competition Guidelines, please send an email to: