The Tag League Association employs accredited senior referees to officiate at local competitions as well as in tournament games. We see this as an important investment in our code, as using good referees results in;
  • Better Competition. Consistent calls see's the team who plays to the rules being the winner.
  • Better Teams. Teams are effectively being coached as they play as the referee advises players on the calls.
  • Happy Players. Consistent calls means there are less disputes or reason for dissatisfaction by players.

As our code grows, we are looking for more referees to officiate Junior, Mixed, Mens or Womens Competitions. We place referees in different roles depending on their skills and experience to suit the level of competition. Ideally this would be persons who live in the local competition area and are looking to get involved in their local community.

The Tag League Association provides free referee accreditation courses for people interested in becoming a referee. This would ideally suit persons who have reasonable fitness, have an interest in the sport and may be looking for additional part time income. We find that people with an interest in or coming from a Rugby or Rugby League background easily transition to Tag League given the similarities in the game. 

This is a well paid role with a good support structure for those involved.

The Tag League Association has strict guidelines in place that relate to acceptable conduct of Players & Spectators towards Referees. Players found guilty of any form of Referee Abuse face a minimum of 2 weeks suspension for a first offense, with players guilty of Threats and Intimidation towards a Referee facing a minimum of 4 weeks suspension. Spectators are considered part of the team they support, with teams facing sanctions based on their supporters behaviour.

Lets be honest, without referees, no local competition or tournament games would get played. Referees play an important role in our game, so command respect at all times.

To register your interest, please complete the form on the "Register Your Interest" tab. This will ensure you receive updates on upcoming training as well as other opportunities for referees.

If you have any questions or issues you wish to raise related to Tag League referees, please contact us in the office on 1800 466 090, or email us at: