Last Updated: Wednesday 25th February 2015

What are the Tag League Championships?

  • The Tag League Championships is an annual event convened by the Tag League Association Inc.
  • Registrations are open to all Teams or Individuals wishing to play, they do not need to be aligned with any code or association.
  • The concept is simple;
    • Winning Teams from Tag League competitions in the past 2 seasons can nominate to play and will be placed in a "Champions" Pool in their respective Division.
    • Other Teams can nominate their Division and will be placed in a "Challengers Pool".
    • Teams then play in their respective Division and Pool to decide the Pool winner, with the winning team in the "Champions" Pool playing off against the winning team in the "Challengers" Pool to decide the overall Championship winner.
    • Its meant to be simple and fun, with no selection politics.
  • Teams pay a flat fee and can have up to 20 players.
  • Individuals can nominate and every effort will be made to place them in a team.
  • Teams can expect to play a minimum of 4 games, possibly more depending on how draws develop.
  • There will be Food & Beverages available at the field for the entire competition.

When will the 2015 Sydney Championships be held?

  • Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March 2015
  • All fee's are 100% refundable if the event does not proceed for any reason.

Where will the 2015 Sydney Championships be held?

  • Venue: All games to be played at Endeavour Reserve, Fairfield West. Click Here for more Venue Information.

Divisions Available

  • Mens Opens - No age restrictions on players.
  • Mens Under 21's - Limited to men under 21 years of age. 2 members of each team may be 21yrs or over.
  • Mens 30 Plus - Limited to men 30 years or older. 2 members of each team may be under 30 years of age.
  • Womens Opens - No Age Restrictions on Players.
  • Mixed Opens - No age restrictions on players, Maximum 4 Male players on the field at once. Any number of Female players to make up a team of 8.


        Tag League Championships 2015 Fees
  Division Team Fee
Individual Fee
  Mens Open  $ 400  $ 30
  Mens 30+  $ 400  $ 30
  Mens U21's  $ 400  $ 30
  Womens  $ 400  $ 30
  Mixed Open  $ 400  $ 30


  • Each division will play for a cash prize of $500, $300 for the Winners and $200 for the Runners Up.
  • The winners in each division will also receive free entry into the World Tag League Championships to be played in August 2015.