The Tag League Association Inc. takes all complaints about on and off-field behaviour seriously. We will handle complaints based on the principles of procedural fairness (natural justice), that is:
  • all complaints will be taken seriously;
  • both the person making the complaint (complainant) and the person the complaint is against (respondent) will be given full details of what is being said against them and have the opportunity to respond (give their side of the story);
  • irrelevant matters will not be taken into account;
  • decisions will be unbiased and fair; and
  • any penalties imposed will be fair and reasonable.
If the complaint relates to suspected child abuse, sexual assault or other criminal activity, then we will need to report the behaviour to the police and/or relevant government authority.
Persons wishing to make a complaint should approach the local competition manager. They can do this in a number of ways;
  • In person, at a field on competition nights / days
  • Via phone, during office hours on 1800 466 090
  • In writing, via email to
Complaints should be of a specific nature, providing relevant details such as;
  1. The nature of the complaint
  2. Name/s of teams, specific respondents where possible
  3. Where and when the matter in question occurred
  4. What if any actions the complainant is looking to be taken
  5. The name and contact details of the complainant

The contact details of the complainant will always be held in confidence. The complainants identity may also be with held if there is a genuine fear on the part of the complainant that they may face some form of retribution. However the respondent in general does have a right to know who has made a complaint against them, will generally become aware of this during the complaints handling process.