The Tag League Association has a variety of insurance policies in place to meet its obligations to the community, its staff, as well as participants. This includes;
  1. Public Liability Insurance coverage to $20 Million
  2. Professional Indemnity to $5 Million
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance for employees
  4. Personal Accident Insurance for participants
Summary of Personal Accident Insurance Cover for participants
  • Death, Permanent Quadriplegia or Permanent Paraplegia cover is limited at $75,000 for Seniors, $15,000 for people under 18 years of age.
  • Non-Medicare Medical Expenses limited to $2,500 per incident, with an excess of $50. Non Medicare Medical Expenses include physiotherapy, chiropractic, masseur, osteopath, naturopath fees (these expenses must be incurred on the advice of a registered doctor), private hospital accommodation and theatre fees, dental fees, ambulance expenses, orthotics, splints and prosthesis.
  • If the member has Private Health Insurance they must claim from their health fund first. In this situation, the member can receive reimbursement for the full gap between the total cost of the non-Medicare expense and the private health insurance rebate up to the maximum benefit of $2,500 with $0 excess.
  • Non Medicare medical costs are only reimbursed by this policy if they are incurred within 52 weeks from the date of injury.
  • Due to the Health Act, no compensation is available under this policy for medical expenses which are claimable through Medicare.
  • Additional Ancillary Benefits are provided through this policy, please refer to the Policy Summary documentation for full details.
The limited nature of this coverage means this scheme is not "comprehensive" and as such we encourage all participants to review their own individual needs and circumstances and where appropriate take out Private Health, Life & Income Protection Insurance. It is an individual players responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover for his/her needs.

Tag League personal accident insurance for the period 4pm 30th April 2020 to 4pm 30th April 2021 is provided by Horsell Duffey Langley Insurance Brokers (ABN 12 155 940 604 / AFS Licence No. 422018) under authority from XL Insurance Company SE via ATC Insurance Solutions Pty Limited.

Insurance Claim Procedure

  1. The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Tag League to the competition officials at the venue immediately .
  2. The injured party is to follow First Aid advice or risk losing insurance cover.
  3. An incident report will be completed by the competition supervisor so there is a record of the injury occurring to verify any claims made.
  4. All Medicare claimable expenses must be made through Medicare. All Non-Medicare expenses MUST be made through your Private Health Insurance before a claim being made on ATC Insurance Solutions.
  5. Persons seeking to make a claim should contact the Tag League Association via email at:
  6. A copy of the incident report as well as sign on sheet for the date the incident occurred will be forwarded to the claimant along with a claim form. The Tag League Association will complete part of the claim form which verifies the legitimacy of the claim to ATC Insurance Solutions.
  7. The claimant should then complete the claim form and forward this to Horsell Duffey Langley Insurance Brokers along with the supporting paperwork within 30 days to initiate their claim. Related expenses up to 52 weeks of the incident are claimable.

Supporting Information and Claim Forms

Click Here for a copy of the Tag League Personal Accident Insurance Simplified Hand Book 2018

Click Here for a Tag League (via ATC Insurance Solutions) Personal Accident Insurance Claim Form